LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2C. History 49
Viewing History (page 49)
History Options (page 49)
Making a Call From History (page 50)
Saving a Number From History (page 50)
Prepending a Number From History (page 51)
Erasing History (page 51)
Viewing History
History is a list of the last 60 phone numbers (or
Contacts entries) for calls you placed, accepted, or
missed. History makes redialing a number fast and
easy. It is continually updated as your phone
automatically adds new numbers to the beginning of
the list and removes the oldest entries from the bottom
of the list.
Each entry contains the phone number (if it is
available) and Contacts entry name (if the number is in
your Contacts). Duplicate calls (same number and type
of call) may only appear once on the list.
1. From standby mode, press and touch .
2. Touch an entry.
History Options
Touch a History entry to access the following options:
Call to dial the entry.
Send Msg to send a message.
History to view all the history of the caller or receiver.
Save Contact to save the number if it is not already in
your Contacts. (See “Saving a Number From History”
on page 50.)
2C. History
Note: History records only calls that occur while the phone is
turned on. If a call is received while your phone is
turned off, it will not be included in history.
If you return a call from the voicemail menu, it will not be
included in your phone’s history.