LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3D. GPS Navigation 129
GPS Navigation
Drive To lets you enter an address (vocally or
using the keypad) or select from categories such
My Favorites, Recent Places, or Businesses to
search for turn-by-turn directions.
Search provides a categorized list of locations
such as
Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, and
Hospitals to help find local businesses and
Maps & Traffic lets you view maps and get traffic
information for your current location or for any
other location (same categories as
Drive To).
Share & More provides access to additional
services such as
Share Address, Record Location,
Sprint Family Locator
Sprint Family Locator uses GPS technology to locate
your child’s phone and display the location on an
interactive map.
Signing Up for Sprint Family Locator
1. Touch > Main Menu > Maps > Sprint Family
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to enter and
submit the required information.
Note: For more information about Sprint Navigation, visit
Note: Sprint Family Locator service requires an additional
monthly fee. Visit
www.sprint.com/familylocator for
complete details.
Note: You can also sign up for Sprint Family Locator online at