LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

78 2G. microSD Card
Removing the microSD Card
1. Open the microSD access panel located on the
right side of the phone.
2. Push in to release the microSD card.
3. Pull the microSD card out of the microSD card slot.
microSD Adapter
The supplied microSD adapter allows you to use
microSD cards in other SD-compatible devices, like
computers, cameras, and printers. Before using the
microSD card with an SD-compatible device, you will
need to insert the microSD card into the microSD
To insert the microSD card into the microSD adapter:
With the label side of the microSD card facing up,
insert the card into the supplied microSD adapter,
and gently slide the card until it is fully inserted.
To remove the microSD card from the microSD adapter:
Hold the front edge of the microSD card, and
gently pull it out to remove it from the adapter.
Write Protection
The microSDmicroSD adapter has a built-in Write
Protection lock to prevent accidental overwriting or
removal of your data when the microSD card and
adapter are inserted in another device.
Slide the Write Protection lock tab down into the
“Lock” position to prevent overwriting of data. To
allow data to be added or removed from the
microSDmicroSDmicroSD card, slide the Write
Protection lock tab up into the normal position.
Note: You can easily damage the microSD card and its
adapter by improper operation. Please be careful when
inserting, removing, or handling them.
DO NOT remove a microSD card while files are being
accessed or transferred. Doing so can result in loss or
damage of data.
Make sure your battery is fully charged before using the
microSD card. Your data may become damaged or
unusable if the battery runs out while using the
microSD card.