LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Entertainment: TV and Music 121
TV and Music
Watching TV
1. Touch > Main Menu > Entertainment >
Sprint TV. Depending on your settings, your phone
may prompt you to accept a data connection.
2. Select TV, Radio, Favs, or More... to display channel
3. Select a channel from the TV listings or to select
an available category.
4. If applicable, touch a clip to view the program. The
clip will automatically load and begin playing.
1. Will I know if I’m receiving an incoming call while I’m
viewing or listening to a media clip?
Yes. You can answer an incoming call and after
finishing the call it goes back briefly to the Recent
History screen. Then, it goes back to the TV menu.
2. How long are the clips? Will I know the estimated
time it will take to play the clip prior to accessing it?
Once you have selected a channel, you will see a
listing of the available clips, with each clip’s length
displayed after the clip’s title. In general, a clip’s
duration will depend on the story or content being
provided, and can be fairly short or as long as a
few minutes.
3. Can I access a clip wherever I am, as long as I have
my phone?
As long as you are on the Nationwide Sprint
Network, you will have access to the audio and
video clips.
Note: The first time you access a channel, the system will
prompt you to purchase access (unless the channel
doesn't have a monthly fee). Select
Subscribe to
purchase access, or select
Preview to view a preview
of the selected channel.
Tip: While you are playing a clip, you can press the up arrow
or down arrow (on the QWERTY keyboard) to bring up
the video menu. Then touch . You will see a small
pop-up screen that tells you which channel you are
watching as well as other channels that you have access
to. Once you find a channel that you want to watch or
listen to, scroll to it and touch it and the channel will begin
Note: Sprint TV service does not work while roaming off of
the Nationwide Sprint Network or where service is