LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

44 2B. Settings
Slide the Abbreviated Dialing button to On.
3. Enter the first five- or six-digit prefix in the Prefix
field and then touch .
To deactivate this feature, select Off during step 2
Security Settings
You can customize your phone to meet your personal
security needs. You must enter your lock code to
change the security settings.
Your Phone’s Lock Feature
Locking Your Phone
When your phone is locked, you can only receive
incoming calls or make calls to 911, Sprint Customer
Service, or special numbers. (See “Parental Controls”
on page 45.)
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Settings > Lock Phone and enter your lock code.
Please note that you will be asked if you want to
change or keep the default lock code the first time
you access this menu.
2. Touch Lock Now.
Unlocking Your Phone
1. From standby mode, touch .
2. Enter your lock code.
Tip: To make an Abbreviated Dial call, see “Abbreviated
Dialing” on page 26.
Note: Abbreviated Dialing does not apply to 911 or Sprint 411.
Tip: If you can’t recall your lock code, try using the last four
digits of your wireless phone number. If this doesn’t work,
call Sprint Customer Service at