LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

22 2A. Phone Basics
phone number in your Contacts. (See “Saving a
Phone Number” on page 25.)
Contact Details: Displays Contacts details for
numbers that are already saved in the phone.
Send Msg: Enter a seven-digit or ten-digit number
and touch this to quickly send a message to the
Pause: Enter digits and touch this to enter a pause
within a number string. (See “Dialing and Saving
Phone Numbers With Pauses” on page 26.)
Answering Calls
1. Make sure your phone is on. (If your phone is off,
incoming calls go to voicemail.)
2. Touch .
– or –
Touch and drag the toggle key to .
Your phone notifies you of incoming calls in the
following ways:
The phone rings or vibrates.
The indicator light flashes.
The backlight illuminates.
The screen displays an incoming call message.
If the incoming call is from a number stored in your
Contacts, the entry’s name is displayed. You may also
see the caller’s phone number, if available.
You also see the following options if your phone is on
standby. To select an option, touch the corresponding
touch key.
Silence to mute the ringer.
Send to Voicemail to send the call to voicemail.
Tip: To speed dial a phone number, touch and hold the
speed dial number. If the speed dial number is two digits,
enter the first digit, and then touch and hold the second
digit. (For information on setting up speed dial numbers,
see “Assigning Speed Dial Numbers” on page 53.) (This
feature will not work when you are roaming off the
Nationwide Sprint Network; when roaming you must dial
using eleven digits [1 + the area code + the seven-digit
phone number].)