LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

110 3B. Web and Data Services
Your phone is on and is connected to the Sprint
1xRTT data network. When the arrows are
animated, data is being transferred (for
example, when you are opening a Web page)
and you cannot receive calls. When the arrows
are white, you are connected to the network
but data is not currently being transferred (for
example, when you are viewing a Web page
that is completely open) and you can receive
If you do not see an indicator, your phone does not
have a current data connection. To launch a
connection, see “Launching a Web Connection” on
page 109.
Navigating the Web
Navigating through menus and websites during a data
session is easy once you’ve learned a few basics. Here
are some tips for getting around:
During a data session, the bottom of your phone’s
display contains one or more softkeys. These keys are
shortcut controls for navigating around the Web.
To use softkeys:
Touch a softkey. (If you see an additional pop-up
menu when you touch the softkey, touch the menu
As with other parts of your phone’s menu, you’ll have to
scroll up and down to see everything on some
Tip: Depending on which websites you visit, the labels on the
softkeys may change to indicate their function.