LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

70 2E. Calendar & Tools
Touch (A confirmation will be displayed.)
4. Touch Delete.
Document Viewer
You can view all various document types, such as:
Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF. (Compatible file
extensions are .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf and
To transfer document files:
1. Connect your phone and your computer using a
compatible USB cable. (See “Connecting Your
Phone to Your Computer” on page 80.)
2. Select Connect To PC.
3. Read the disclaimer and touch Yes.
4. Drag and drop document files from your computer
into a folder.
5. When you are finished, disconnect the phone. (See
“To remove the connection:” on page 80.)
To view a document:
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > (slide the screen up) > Document Viewer.
2. Touch a document.
EZ Tips
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > (slide the screen up) > Calculator >
Ez Tip Calculator.
2. Touch the Total Bill field and enter the amount of
the total bill.
3. Touch the Tip field and enter a tip percentage.
(EZ Tip instantly calculates the correct tip.)
4. If you’re splitting the check, touch the Split field,
and enter the number of people in your party.
(EZ Tip calculates and displays the ‘per person’
Note: To delete multiple or all notes, touch at the top
right of the screen.