LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

82 2H. Camera
Taking Pictures (page 82)
Recording Videos (page 85)
Storing Pictures and Videos (page 87)
Sending Sprint Picture Mail (page 89)
Printing Pictures From Your Phone (page 91)
Taking Pictures
Taking pictures with your phone’s built-in camera is as
simple as choosing a subject, pointing the lens, and
pressing a button.
1. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos >
Camera to activate camera mode. (Additional
camera options are available through the camera
mode options menu. See “Camera Mode Options”
on page 83 for more information.)
2. Using the phone’s display screen as a viewfinder,
aim the camera lens at your subject.
3. Touch or press the side camera button
until the shutter sounds. (Your phone automatically
saves the picture to the default storage area.)
To return to camera mode to take another picture,
touch , or the side camera button.
4. Touch for more options:
Send to send your picture in a message. (See
page 89 for details.)
Assign to assign the picture as a:
Screen Saver to use the picture as a screen
Picture ID to display the picture for all
incoming calls.
Delete to delete the picture you just took.
2H. Camera
Shortcut: To activate camera mode, you can also press the
side camera button ( ) twice, or press and
hold the side camera button ( ). (See
illustration on page 11.)
Take New Picture