LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Phone Basics 25
Phone Basics
Contacts to display your Contacts list.
Voice Memo to record the current conversation.
Phone Info to check the phone number, version,
Cancel to close the pop-up menu.
Saving a Phone Number
You can store up to seven phone numbers and 600
Contacts entries in your phone. Each entry’s name can
contain 64 characters. Your phone automatically sorts
the Contacts entries alphabetically. (For more
information, see “2D. Contacts” on page 52.)
To save a number from standby mode:
1. Press to display the dial pad.
2. Enter a phone number.
3. Touch .
4. Touch for a new contact or
to add a number to an existing contact.
5. Touch a label for the number (Mobile, Home, Work,
Pager, Fax, or Other).
6. Touch the Name field and enter the new contact
name using the touch keypad or QWERTY
– or –
Search an existing contact name and touch it to
save the new number.
7. Touch to save the new entry.
Finding a Phone Number
You can search Contacts for entries by name.
1. Press and touch . The Contacts list is
2. Touch and enter the first letter or letters of an
entry. (The more letters you enter, the more specific
the search.) To display an entry, touch it.
3. To dial a number, touch or press .
New Entry
Existing Entry