LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

58 2D. Contacts
Finding Contacts Entries
Finding Contacts by Name
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Scroll through all the entries.
– or –
To quickly move up or down in the list
alphabetically, touch and hold the thumb tab on
the right side and drag to an initial letter.
– or –
Touch and enter the first letter or letters of a
name (such as “dav” for “Dave”). (The more letters
you enter, the more your search narrows.)
3. To display an entry, touch it.
4. To dial the entry’s default phone number,
touch .
– or –
To close the entry display, touch the entry again.
Finding Group Entries
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Scroll through the Contacts list. To display entries
belonging to a group, touch the group and then
Group Details.
Secret Contacts Entries
You can designate an entry as Secret and, if you
choose, hide it from the Contacts list. When you set to
hide secret contact entries, they will not be shown in
the Contacts list.
To make an entry secret:
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Display a contact and then touch .
3. Slide the Secret switch to On.
4. Press to go back to Contacts list.
5. Touch > Settings > Hide Secret.
6. Enter the lock code to hide the contact entries set
as secret.