LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2G. microSD Card 77
microSD Card
Your Phone’s microSD Card and Adapter (page 77)
microSD Card Settings (page 79)
microSD Card Folders (page 80)
Connecting Your Phone to Your Computer (page 80)
Your Phone’s microSD Card and
The microSD Card
Your phone is able to use a microSD™ (Secure Digital)
memory card to expand the phone’s available memory
space. It allows you to store more images, videos,
music, and other files in your phone. A 1GB microSD
card is supplied with your phone.
Inserting the microSD Card
1. Open the microSD access panel located on the
right side of the phone.
2. Position the microSD card facing up and gently
slide it into place until it is fully inserted and locked.
2G. microSD Card
Note: Be sure to use only recommended microSD cards
(32MB–16GB). Using non-recommended microSD
cards could cause data loss and damage your phone.