LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

84 2H. Camera
scroll bar up (increase) or down (decrease) to
select a setting.
White Balance to adjust white balance based on
changing conditions. Select from
Auto, Tungsten,
Fluorescent, Sunny, Cloudy, or Manual. If you
Manual, move the scroll bar left (decrease)
or right (increase).
Fun Frames to take a picture in a fun frame. Touch a
frame style at the bottom of the screen to see how it
will look full-screen; drag the screen left or right to
see the next or previous frame.
Settings to select Resolution, Quality, Shutter Sound,
Status Bar, or Night Mode. (See “Camera Settings” on
page 85 for details.)
Self Timer to activate the camera’s timer. (See “Self
timer” below.)
Enable Auto-Send to set the phone automatically to
send the picture to the selected place.
Zoom to zoom in on a subject. (Not available at the
highest resolution, see “Zoom” on page 85.)
Go to Album to go to the In Phone folder or Memory
Card folder (if available) to review your saved
Camcorder Mode to switch to video mode. (See
“Recording Videos” on page 85.)
Self timer
1. From Camera mode, touch > Self Timer.
- or -
From Camera mode, touch .
2. Touch the length of delay you want the timer to use
Off, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds).
3. Touch when you are ready to start the
timer. (A countdown is displayed in the middle of
the screen.)
To cancel the Self-timer after it has started:
Touch .
Note: While the Self-timer is active, some of the touch keys
are disabled.