LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

26 2A. Phone Basics
Dialing and Saving Phone Numbers With
You can dial or save phone numbers with pauses for
use with automated systems, such as voicemail or
credit card billing numbers.
To dial or save phone numbers with pauses:
1. Press and enter the phone number.
2. Touch .
3. Enter additional numbers.
4. Touch to dial the number.
– or –
Touch to save the number in your Contacts.
Abbreviated Dialing
Abbreviated Dialing is similar to speed dialing. You can
use either of the following abbreviated dialing features.
Contacts Match – Retrieve any number saved in your
Contacts by entering any consecutive three digits of
the number. Touch to dial the retrieved
number. (See “To activate the Contacts Match
feature:” on page 43.)
Prepend – Prepend the first five or six digits (for
example, the area code and prefix) to any four or five
digits you enter. Touch to dial the resulting
number. (See “To activate the Prefix feature:” on
page 43.)
To place a call using Contacts Match Abbreviated Dialing:
1. Press and enter three to six digits of a
Contacts entry’s phone number. The numbers in
your Contacts list that contain matches will display.
2. Touch to display the details.
3. Touch the contact you want to call and then touch
Note: You can have multiple pauses in a phone number.
Note: When dialing a number with a pause, touch Send