LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Web and Data Services 113
Web and Data
another notice appears, review it and touch Yes
again to enable Mail Push.
Accessing Email
Using Email on your phone is even easier than using
multiple email accounts on your computer. Launch the
application for instant access to all your accounts.
1. Once you have set up your Email, touch >
Main Menu > (slide the screen up) > Messaging >
Email to launch the application. (You will see your
default account inbox.)
– or –
From an
Email New Message notice (if you have
enabled Mail Push), touch
GO to go to your inbox.
2. Use your keyboard and touch the corresponding
keys to read, manage, and reply to your email
Touch Menu to select messaging options, such as
Delete, Check Mail, Reply to, Mark as, or Other.
Touch Menu > Other > Compose to create new
To view a different email account, touch the drop-
down menu to the left of the
Inbox tab at the top
of the screen and then select an account. You
can also touch the
Home tab at the top of the
screen and select an available account from
To add a new account, touch the Home tab at the
top of the screen, and then select
Add Account.
You can also touch the drop-down menu to the
left of the
Inbox tab at the top of the screen and
Add Account. Follow the instructions in
“Getting Started With Email” on page 112 to set
up a new account.
Note: Mail Push allows your phone to automatically retrieve
new email messages without having to select the
Check Mail option. When you enable Mail Push, you
will receive an onscreen notice of new email messages.
These notices may be charged as text messages.
Please consult your service plan for details.
Note: You can also access certain email accounts through
the home page. Touch
> Main Menu > Web and
then select
Sitemap > Messaging > Email > [Yahoo!
Mail, AOL & AIM Mail, or MSN Hotmail.] Follow the
onscreen instructions to enter your account information
and access your email messages.