LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Contacts 53
Saving a Phone Number
To save a number from standby mode:
1. Press to display the dial pad.
2. Enter a phone number.
3. Touch .
4. Touch for a new contact or
to add a number to an existing contact.
5. Touch a phone label to select it (Mobile, Home,
Work, Pager, Fax, and Other).
6. Touch Enter Name and enter the new contact
name using the touch keypad or QWERTY
keyboard, and then touch .
– or –
Search an existing contact name and touch it to
save the new number.
7. Touch to save the new entry.
Contacts Entry Options
To display a Contacts entry:
1. From standby mode, touch > Contacts.
2. Touch an entry and then touch .
Contacts entry options:
Display an entry and touch on the top right
of the screen.
Add Number to add a phone to the entry.
Add Email to add an email address to the entry.
Add URL to add a website’s URL to the entry.
Default Ringer to assign a preprogrammed or
downloaded ringer.
Default Vibrate Type to assign a vibration type for
incoming calls from the contact.
Tip: ICE – In Case of Emergency
To make it easier for emergency personnel to identify
important contacts, you can list your local emergency
contacts under “ICE” in your phone’s Contacts list. For
example, if your mother is your primary emergency
contact, list her as “ICE–Mom” in your Contacts. To list
more than one emergency contact, use “ICE1–___,”
“ICE2–___,” etc.
New Entry
Existing Entry