LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

40 2B. Settings
When you turn the Location feature on, the phone
displays the
icon. When you turn Location off, the
phone displays the
Messaging Settings
Your phone’s advanced messaging capabilities let you
send and receive many different kinds of text
messages without placing a voice call. (For more
information, see “Accessing Messages” on page 112.)
Messaging settings allow you to decide how you would
like to be notified of new messages, to create a
signature with each sent message, and to create your
own preset messages.
Callback Number
1. Touch > Main Menu > Messaging > Settings >
Callback Number.
2. Select None, My Phone Number, or Other. (If you
Other, enter a number and touch .)
Managing Preset Messages
Your phone is loaded with 20 preset messages to help
make sending text messages easier. Customize or
delete these messages, such as “Where are you?,”
“Let’s get lunch,” and “Meet me at” to suit your needs,
or add your own messages to the list.
To edit or delete a preset message:
1. Touch > Main Menu > Messaging > Settings >
Preset Messages. (You will see the list of preset
2. Touch a message you want to edit or delete.
3. Touch , edit the message (see “Entering
Text” on page 28), and touch .
– or –
Touch to delete the message. (Touch
Cancel to cancel the deletion.)
Note: To delete multiple messages, touch on the top
right of the screen when the list of preset messages
displays. Then select
Delete Multiple or Delete All.