LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

102 3A. Sprint Service: The Basics
Accessing Text/Picture Messages
To read an SMS/MMS message:
When you receive a text/picture message, you will
see a notify bubble on your phone’s screen. Touch
the bubble to see the entire message.
To reply to a text/picture message:
1. While the message is open, touch .
2. Follow steps 4-6 under “Composing Text/Picture
Messages” on page 100 to complete and send
your reply.
Preset Messages
Preset messages make it easy to compose text/picture
To add or edit preset messages:
1. Touch > Main Menu > Messaging > Settings >
Preset Messages.
2. Touch to add a new preset message.
– or –
Touch a preset message
> Edit.
3. Enter your new message or changes and
touch . (See “Entering Text” on page 28.)
Caller ID
Caller ID allows people to identify a caller before
answering the phone by displaying the number of the
incoming call. If you do not want your number
displayed when you make a call, follow these steps.
1. Press , and then touch .
2. Enter a phone number.
3. Touch .
To permanently block your number, call Sprint
Customer Service.
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