LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

118 3B. Web and Data Services
To open the browser menu:
Touch TOOLBAR (right softkey). (You will see the
browser menu.)
Options available under the browser menu include:
BACK to go back to the most recent Web page.
FORWARD to move to a previously viewed page
(after having used
BACK option).
MY HOMEPAGE to go back to the home page.
MY PAGES to view your favorites and recently
viewed pages.
SPRINT SEARCH to search the Internet.
OPTIONS to choose font size, privacy settings,
Going to a Specific Website
To go to a particular website by entering a URL (website
1. Touch the URL field.
2. Use your keyboard to enter a website address and
press or touch
Restarting the Web Browser
If the Web browser seems to be malfunctioning or
stops responding, you can usually fix the problem by
simply restarting the browser.
1. Touch TOOLBAR (right softkey) to open the
browser menu.
2. Select OPTIONS > Advanced > Reset browser.
3. Please read the warning, then touch RESET (left
softkey) if you still wish to continue.
Data Services FAQs
How will I know when my phone is ready for data service?
Your user name (for example, bsmith01@sprintpcs.com)
will be displayed when you touch
> Main Menu >
Settings > Phone Info > Version.
How do I sign in for the first time?
You are automatically signed in to access data services
when you turn on your phone.
How do I know when my phone is connected to data
Your phone automatically connects when you use data
Note: Not all websites are viewable on your phone.