LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

68 2E. Calendar & Tools
File Manager Options
When you open a folder, touch . The following
options are available.
Create New Folder to create a new folder. Enter a new
folder name and touch . (See “Creating
Folders in the microSD Card” on page 79.)
Send Multiple to send multiple files via Bluetooth or
Move Multiple to move multiple files.
Copy Multiple to copy multiple files.
Search to search for a file.
Assign to to select an image file to assign it as screen
saver or a picture ID, or to assign a music file as a
ring tone.
Rename to change the name of a file.
Rename Current Folder to change the name of the
current folder.
Delete Current Folder to delete the current folder.
Delete Multiple to delete selected multiple files.
Delete All to delete all files.
Folder Info to display information about the folder
such as folder name, location, the number of files,
and the number of sub folders.
File Info to display information about the file you
select, such as file name, location, and the file size.
Alarm Clock
Your phone comes with a built-in alarm clock that has
multiple alarm capabilities.
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > Clock > Alarm.
2. Touch .
3. Slide the alarm switch to On.
4. Touch the time to set a time for the alarm.
Tough the digital clock (above the dial) to adjust
the clock.
– or –
Note: Default folders cannot be deleted or renamed.
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