LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

8 2A. Phone Basics
Your Phone (page 8)
Viewing the Display Screen (page 12)
Getting to Know the Touch Screen (page 16)
Turning Your Phone On and Off (page 16)
Calibrating the Touch Screen (page 17)
Battery and Charger (page 17)
Navigating Through the Menus (page 19)
Displaying Your Phone Number (page 20)
Making and Answering Calls (page 21)
Entering Text (page 28)
Your Phone
Tip: Phone Software Upgrades – Updates to your phone’s
software may become available from time to time. Sprint will
automatically upload critical updates to your phone. You can
also use the menu to check for and download updates.
> Main Menu > (slide the screen up to display
more menu items) >
Tools > Update Phone > Update
to search for and download available updates.
2A. Phone Basics
1. Earpiece
6. Home Key
5. Touch Screen
2. Status Light
7. Back Key
8. Talk Key
QWERTY Keyboard
9. Microphone
3. Status Bar Icons
4. Battery Strength