LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

120 3C. Entertainment: TV and Music
TV (page 120)
Music – Sprint Music Store (page 123)
Streaming Music (page 127)
Sprint TV gives you the ability to listen to audio clips
and to view video clips right from your phone’s display.
Watch live TV and catch up on episodes of your
favorite shows – anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint
Sprint Music lets you preview, purchase, download, and
listen to over a million songs right on your phone. You
can even add songs from your own library to round out
your on-the-go playlist.
* Sprint TV coverage not available everywhere. Content and
lineup subject to change. Select channels also available
for casual usage. Vis
it www.sprint.com/tvguide for more
Your Sprint TV Channel Options
The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of
accessible channels. Subscription options include
comprehensive basic packages as well as a full menu
of “a la carte” channels. Visit
www.sprint.com/tvguide for
more information on channels and pricing.
Some of the available categories may include:
Sprint Radio Sprint Power View
Primetime TV Music Videos
Sprint TV Live Music & Radio
Sports Entertainment
Cartoons News & Weather
Movies & Shorts Mobile Previews
3C. Entertainment:
TV and Music
Note: Available categories and content are subject to change.