LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3A. Sprint Service: The Basics 103
Sprint Service
Call Waiting
When you’re on a call, Call Waiting alerts you to
incoming calls by sounding two beeps. Your phone’s
screen informs you that another call is coming in and
displays the caller’s phone number (if it is available and
you are in digital mode).
To respond to an incoming call while you’re on a call:
Touch . (This puts the first caller on hold
and answers the second call.)
To switch back to the first caller:
Touch again.
Making a 3-Way Call
With 3-Way Calling, you can talk to two people at the
same time. When using this feature, the normal airtime
rates will be charged for each of the two calls.
1. Enter a number and press .
2. Once you have established the connection, touch
> 3-Way Call.
3. From the options that appear at the top of your
screen select a contact from your Contact List,
Recent History, or enter a number and touch .
4. When you’re connected to the second party, touch
to begin your 3-way call.
If one of the people you called hangs up during your
call, you and the remaining caller stay connected. If you
initiated the call and are the first to hang up, all callers
are disconnected.
Tip: For those calls where you don’t want to be interrupted,
you can temporarily disable Call Waiting by entering
before placing your call. Call Waiting is
automatically reactivated once you end the call.