LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2H. Camera 87
Zoom to zoom in on a subject. (See “Zoom” on
page 85.)
Go to Album to go to the In Phone folder or Memory
Card folder (if available) to review your saved videos.
Camera Mode to switch to camera mode. (See
“Taking Pictures” on page 82.)
Video Settings
1. From camcorder mode, touch > Settings.
2. Touch an option.
Resolution to select a video’s file size (QVGA [320
x 240],
Med [174 x 144], or Low [128 x 96]).
Quality to select the video quality setting (Fine,
Normal, or Economy).
Cue Sound to select a cue sound (Cue 1, Cue 2,
Cue 3, or Off).
Status Bar to show or hide the status bar (On or
Video Length to select a video length (Video Mail
Long Video).
Storing Pictures and Videos
Your phone’s picture and video storage area is
My Photos & Videos. There are two folders in My
Photos & Videos:
In Phone
Memory Card
Storage Options
1. Touch > Main Menu > Photos & Videos > Other
Settings > Auto-Save to.
2. Select Memory Card or In Phone.
(The phone stores pictures to the In Phone folder if
no microSD card is installed.)