LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

124 3C. Entertainment: TV and Music
When you select Buy Song, the file will
download to your phone’s microSD card. (If
there is no microSD card installed or if there is
not enough free memory space on the card,
you will see an alert.)
Once the song has been downloaded to your
microSD card, you will see options allowing
you to listen to the song, add it to a playlist, or
continue shopping.
Playing Music From the Sprint Music Store
The Sprint Music Store not only gives you access to
great music, it also gives you a place to listen to and
organize your music library.
Accessing the Music Player
1. From the Sprint Music Store opening page, touch
Player tab.
2. From the Player display, select an option:
Playlists to select or create a customized playlist
you’ve created to organize your music.
Artists to filter the list of available music by their
Artist information.
All Songs to browse through all of your
downloaded music, including music purchased
from the Sprint Music Store and any additional
songs you have loaded onto your microSD card
from your computer.
Albums to filter the list of available music by their
Album information.
Genres to filter the list of available music by their
Genre information.
3. Once you’ve displayed a list of songs, you can
browse through your available titles by
Song, Artist,
Genre to select a specific song.
To play a song, touch it and PLAY.
To listen to a playlist, touch it twice to open the
playlist, and then touch a song and
PLAY to begin
playing from the selected song. (You can also
highlight the playlist and use the softkey menu to
begin listening.)