LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

122 3C. Entertainment: TV and Music
Are the videos that I’m viewing “live” videos?
It depends on the content provider. Some of the
channels available through Sprint TV stream live
content. Others provide media on demand with
video and audio clips that are refreshed throughout
the day, but that are not “live.”
5. After purchasing access to an Available Channel for a
monthly fee, do I receive any confirmation? That is,
how do I know it has been purchased?
The next time you access the channel, you bypass
the Preview/Purchase page and go directly to the
available content.
6. If I don’t subscribe to a data plan, will I still be able to
view the multimedia clips?
Yes. For service access charges, please consult
your Sprint service plan or visit
7. What does it mean when the video pauses and I see
the word “loading” at the bottom of the screen?
This happens when the phone is loading the data
necessary to play the clip. It typically occurs when
there is heavy traffic on the network.
8. How can I cancel service if I decide I don’t want it?
To cancel your Sprint TV service, visit
www.sprint.com and sign on to My Sprint with your
account number and password. From this page,
you have the ability to cancel the service or any
channels to which you subscribe.
9. If I put on my stereo headset and insert it into the
phone’s headset jack, can I close the phone while I
am playing an audio (or video) clip without
interrupting the clip?
Yes. When you insert your stereo headset into the
phone’s headset jack, the phone automatically
goes into “headset mode,” allowing you to close
the phone and continue playing the clip. (Likewise,
if your phone is in “headset mode,” a phone call
will not disconnect when you close the phone.)
10. Can I surf to a different channel while I am playing a
Yes. While you are playing a clip, you can press the
up arrow or down arrow (on the QWERTY
keyboard) to bring up the video menu. Then touch
. You will see a small pop-up screen that tells
you which channel you are watching as well as
other channels that you have access to. Once you
find a channel that you want to watch or listen to,
scroll to it and touch it and the channel will begin