LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

62 2D. Contacts
Hello UI Contacts Options:
Touch a Contact on Hello UI.
Sending a Message to Selected Group
1. From standby mode, press and touch .
2. Using your finger, draw a line around the group
members you wish to include.
3. Touch the envelope icon (for example, -- the
number on the icon shows how many members
were included).
4. Touch the text field to enter a message or use the
preset messages, symbols, smileys, or emoticons.
To type a message, use your keyboard or touch
keypad to enter your message. (See “Entering
Text” on page 28.)
To use a preset message, touch Preset Msgs in
the upper right corner, and then touch a message to
To enter a symbol, an emoticon, or a smiley:
(On the touch keypad) touch and select
Symbols, Emoticons, or Smileys. Touch a
desired symbol, emoticon, or smiley and
. (See “Entering Numbers, Symbols,
Emoticons, Smileys and Preset Messages” on
page 30.)
– or –
(On the keyboard) press or , and
touch a desired symbol or emoticon. (See
“Entering Text With the QWERTY Keyboard”
on page 32.)
Contact Details
Send Message
Message History
(touch to change)