LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

90 2H. Camera
Touch to open the Contacts list
and select a mobile phone number or an email
5. To include a text message, enter your message
using the QWERTY keyboard (or touch
at the top right of the screen. (See “Selecting a Text
Input Mode” on page 28.)
6. Touch and select an option:
Add Subject to add a subject.
Mark as Urgent to mark the message as urgent.
Save as Draft to save it as a draft.
7. Confirm your recipients and attached data.
8. Touch to send the message.
Sending Pictures and Videos From
You can also send pictures and videos from your
phone’s Messaging Menu.
1. Touch > Send Message.
2. Select or .
New Addr to enter a wireless phone number or an
email address directly.
Go to Contacts to select recipients from your
Contacts. Select a recipient and touch .
3. Touch [Add Attachment].
4. Touch Picture or Video.
to take a new picture or record a new
video to attach to the message.
to select a picture or video stored in the
to select a picture or video stored on
the microSD card.
5. To complete and send the message, touch
to select the picture or video, then follow the steps
Note: To send to multiple contacts, select your first contact
during step 4 then touch the contact again in the
‘Compose Message’ screen. Touch
direct input of a recipient or touch
select a recipient from your Contacts. Touch
when you have finished entering recipients. (You may
include up to 40 recipients per message.)
Go to Contacts
New Addr
Go to Contacts
Preset Msgs
New Addr
Go to Contacts
Take New
In Phone
Memory Card