LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2F. Voice Services 73
Voice Services
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) (page 73)
Managing Voice Memos (page 75)
Automatic Speech Recognition
You can use your phone’s built-in automatic speech
recognition (ASR) software to dial a phone number in
your Contacts or to launch phone functions. All you
have to do is to talk into the phone, and ASR will
recognize your voice and complete tasks by itself.
Activating ASR
From the standby screen, press and hold .
The screen displays seven voice command options
and the phone prompts you to say the name of the
command you want to use. To complete your task,
simply follow the voice prompts.
Available ASR commands include:
Call [Name] [Type] / [Number] to call an entry in your
Contacts list or a spoken phone number. (See
“Making a Voice Call With ASR” on page 74.)
Send Msg to [Name] [Type] / [Number] to send a
message to an entry in your Contacts list or to a
spoken phone number.
Find [Name] [Type] to find a Contact entry.
Go to [Menu] to jump directly to menu items or
applications. (See “Opening Menus With ASR” on
page 74.)
Check [Item] to check your phone’s status. (See
“Checking Phone Status Using ASR” on page 74.)
2F. Voice Services
Tip: Use ASR in a quiet environment so it can accurately
recognize your commands.