LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

2A. Phone Basics 23
Phone Basics
Ignore with Text to send a text message. You can
send the preset message or write a new one.
Answer to answer the call.
Answering a Roam Call With Call Guard Enabled
Call Guard is an option that helps you manage your
roaming charges when making or receiving calls while
outside the Nationwide Sprint Network. Please see
“Roaming” on page 104 for more information about
Touch Answer to answer the call. (See “Call Guard”
on page 106 for additional information.)
Ending a Call
Touch .
Missed Call Notification
When you do not answer an incoming call, your screen
displays the Missed Call log in a bubble on the
standby screen.
Touch the entry. (To dial the phone number, touch
. To send a message, touch )
Calling Emergency Numbers
You can place calls to 911 (dial ),
even if your account is restricted.
During an emergency call, you will see a variety of
options displayed on the screen.
To initiate an option, touch the following:
My Phone# to display your phone number during an
emergency call.
Speaker to activate speakerphone mode. (If you are
in speakerphone mode, the option is displayed as
Speaker Off to deactivate.)
Dial Pad to display the dial pad.
More to access the following options:
Contacts to display Contacts list.
Voice Memo to record the current conversation.
Note: When your phone is off, calls go directly to voicemail
End Call
Note: When you place an emergency call, your phone
automatically enters Emergency mode.