LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

32 2A. Phone Basics
Entering Text With the QWERTY Keyboard
Your phone has a built-in QWERTY keyboard,
specifically designed for easy and comfortable text
entry. The QWERTY keyboard uses the same layout
and works just like the keyboard on your computer. The
easiest way to enter text is by using your thumbs to
type on the QWERTY keyboard.
1. From a screen where you can enter text, touch
and select whether to turn the predictive
text entry system on or off.
2. Use your thumbs to enter text.
To change capitalization, press .
To enter an alternate character on a key, press the
function key and then press the alternate
character’s key. To lock the function key, press
To enter “emoticons,” press and touch a
symbol, or press the arrow keys to highlight an
emoticon and press .
To enter symbols, press and touch the
desired one or press the arrow keys to highlight a
symbol and press .
To enter preset messages, touch on
the right top of the screen. Select the message
you want by touching it.
Preset Msgs