LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

96 2I. Bluetooth
Sending Items via Bluetooth
Depending on your paired devices’ settings and
capabilities, you may be able to send pictures,
Contacts information, or other items using a Bluetooth
1. Touch > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) >
Tools > Bluetooth > Trusted Devices.
2. Touch a paired device to transfer to.
3. Touch an item and touch .
To select Contacts, pictures, or videos, select the
category, scroll through the available items, and
touch items to send. When you are finished, touch
or .
4. Touch Send to send the item(s).
Note: Due to different specifications and features of other
Bluetooth-compatible devices, display and operations
may be different, and functions such as transfer or
exchange may not be possible with all Bluetooth-
compatible devices.