LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

126 3C. Entertainment: TV and Music
can choose from the following options: Application
Manager, Send to Background, Resume, Exit.
5. Touch Application Manager to launch an
Application Manager screen which provides you
access to several applications:
Application Manager manages all currently active
applications. With your music still playing, the
Sprint Music Store entry appears in the list.
6. Touch Options to access the following
management options:
Bring to Foreground reactivates the current
application screen. For example, if your music is
currently playing in the background, selecting this
option activates the
Player tab with the song
Exit Application terminates the currently selected
application and returns you to the standby screen.
Launch New Application allows you to launch an
application from the My Stuff listing.
If you touch Run while the song is still playing, the
display screen will reactivate the song’s playback
Receiving an Incoming Call While Playing Music
An incoming call pauses any currently playing music
file while the phone call is active. Once you end the
call, you can choose to resume any paused
applications. (Music will resume playing automatically.)
1. Answer an incoming call by touching .
2. When you are done with your call, touch
to end the call. The previously paused application
then resumes.
If the phone is running more than one simultaneous
application (such as
Music Store, Application [from My
Stuff], and
Games), the user interface can begin to slow
down and result in music or sound interruptions.
To solve this type of issue, it is best to close down all
other applications (touch
> Main Menu > My Stuff
> Application Manager > Options > Exit Application)
before initiating a new application.
Note: When placing an outgoing call, the Application
Manager pauses your current music playback and
allows you to proceed with your outgoing call. When
you end the call, the Application Manager restarts the
music playback.
End Call