LG Electronics LN510 Cell Phone User Manual

3C. Entertainment: TV and Music 123
TV and Music
Music – Sprint Music Store
The Sprint Music Store lets you purchase and download
digital music files to play on your phone or computer.
Accessing the Sprint Music Store
You can access the Sprint Music Store right from your
phone’s main menu, anywhere on the Nationwide
Sprint Network. When you enter the store for the first
time, the system will prompt you to set up your user
identification and password.
1. Touch > Main Menu > Entertainment > Music.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions to establish your
User ID and password.
3. After you have entered your password, touch
Create New Account.
4. Use your touch keypad or keyboard to explore the
Purchasing and Downloading Music
Now that you’re in the store, you can shop for songs to
purchase and download to your phone’s microSD card.
1. From the Sprint Music Store opening page, select
an option to browse the store:
Featured Music offers a revolving selection of
highlighted songs and artists.
Categories allows you to choose from categories
such as
What’s Hot, Must Haves, Free Songs This
Week, Recomendations and specific musical
Search gives you the option of searching for
specific songs or artists. Just use your keypad to
enter your search criteria in the available field.
2. Touch a song. (You will see the song information
3. Select an option:
Preview to play an audio clip of the selected song.
Buy Song to purchase the song and download it
to your phone’s microSD card.
Tip: Your User ID for the Sprint Music Store is your 10-digit
wireless phone number. The password may be any
4-digit number.