Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

Thanks also to the Synergy feature, in the Messaging
application, all your conversations with the same
person are grouped together in one chat-style view. If
you start an IM chat with Ed, for example, you can
continue the same conversation when Ed signs out of
IM by sending him a text message—and you can see it
all in the same view. For more information, see
“Messaging” on page 202.
Universal search: Need to call Ed? Just type ed on the
keyboard. If he’s listed in your Contacts, you can get his
numbers from the search results. Tap a number and
you’ve made the call. Search works just as fast when
you need to search the web. For more information, see
“Search to Find Info and Make Calls” on page 61.
Sync: Your Pixi phone gives you synchronization
without a cable. You can sync with online services that
Palm has partnered with so that you can store and
sync your info in online accounts. You can access your
data even when you are not able to make a connection
to the Web because a copy of your data is stored on
the device.
Your Palm profile: When you set up your phone, you
create a Palm profile. Your profile gives you access to
services like automatic updates and automatic,
frequent backups of any of your info that is stored only
on your phone and isn’t synchronized with an online
About This User Guide
We know you’re eager to start using your Palm
phone right away, and the sections of this guide are
designed to help you do just that.
Section 1: Your Setup guides you through the
process of setting up your new phone and your
Sprint service.
Section 2: Your Palm
Phone shows you the
basics of your phone and service with quick,
easy-to-follow instructions. This section also
describes the call features on your phone and shows
you how to use Sprint service features such as
WARNING: Please refer to “Regulatory and Safety
Information” on page 270 for information that
helps you safely use your phone. Failure to read
and follow the important safety information in this
guide may result in serious bodily injury, death, or
property damage.