Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 53
Move Around
1. While pressing and holding Option , tap the app
2. Tap Delete.
Enter and Save Information
Use the Keyboard
1 Option: See “Enter Alternate Keyboard
Characters” on page 54.
2 Shift: See “Enter Uppercase Letters” on page 53.
3 Space
4 Backspace
5 Enter: Press to enter a line return (for example, in
a memo or in an email message you are
composing) or to accept information you entered
in a field. See “Enter Information in a Field” on
page 56.
6 Sym: See “Enter Characters From the Symbols
Table” on page 54.
Enter Uppercase Letters
By default, the first letter of each sentence or field is
capitalized and the remaining text you enter is
lowercase. To enter other uppercase letters, do one of
the following:
Press Shift and press the letter key. The Shift
symbol appears: . You don’t need to hold down
Shift while you press the letter key.
Turn on Caps Lock: Press Shift twice. The Caps
Lock symbol appears: .
Turn off Caps Lock: Press Shift .
Tip: You can also delete an application you installed by
opening the Launcher, opening the application menu
and tapping
List Apps. On the list of applications, tap and
hold an app name, and tap