Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

4A. Troubleshooting 259
Transferring Information From Your
I Bought a Song Through Amazon MP3
and Want to Transfer It to My Computer
You can copy music files on your phone to your
computer for use with a desktop music player. For
instructions, see “Copy Files Between Your Phone and
Your Computer” on page 73.
I Copied Files From My Computer, but I
Can’t See or Play Them on My Phone
When you connect your phone to your computer in
USB Drive mode, you can copy any file onto your
phone. However, each media application on your
phone—Photos, Music, and Videos—can display or play
files in certain file formats only. If your media file is in an
unsupported format, you can’t use it on your phone.
For a list of supported photo types, see “Photos” on
page 102. For a list of supported music file types, see
“Music” on page 113. For a list of supported video file
types, see “Videos” on page 108.
When I Open the Palm Pixi Drive Folder on
My Computer, I see Subfolders. Do I Need
to Move My Files Into These Folders?
The default folders are there to help you organize files
you copy to and from your computer. But you can copy
files from your computer into any folder you want—you
can create your own folders, or just drag your files to
the top level of the drive. As long as the file is in a
supported format, your phone can detect and open it.
Note: If you move a music file into the ringtones folder, the
Music application cannot find it.