Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

3B. Email and Other Messages 203
Email & Messaging
conversation, the upper part of Conversation view
displays all messages you’ve exchanged with this
person, and the bottom part provides the area where
you type your next message.
You can carry on multiple conversations at the same
1. Open Messaging .
2. Do one of the following:
Start a new conversation: Create a message (see
“Create and Send a Text or Multimedia Message”
on page 205 or “Send and Receive IM
Messages” on page 211), or tap a message and
reply to it.
Continue an existing conversation: Tap the
3. Enter your message.
4. Tap .
Switch Between Messaging Accounts in a
In a single conversation, you can switch between
text/multimedia messaging and an IM account. So if
you are having an IM chat with someone and he or she
goes offline, you can send the person a text message
to wrap up the conversation. You can also switch
between different phone numbers for sending a text
message to a person.
1. In Messaging, start a new conversation or open
one that’s listed in Conversations view.
2. Tap Text or an IM account name in the upper-right
corner of the screen. (If available, the other ways to
Tip: To save the contents of a conversation, open the
conversation, open the application menu
, and tap Copy
This saves the entire conversation as plain text, which
you can paste in a memo, email message, and so on.