Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

voicemail and call waiting. This section also shows
you how to use the camera and how to transfer and
listen to music files on your phone. Finally, it guides
you through the process of using the full-featured
organizer that gives you instant access to your
contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, and more.
Section 3: Web and Data Services and Other
Wireless Connections shows you how to use Web
browsing, messaging, and email. It also describes
wireless technology.
Section 4: Your Resources answers frequently asked
questions and shows you what to do if something
goes wrong.
Section 5: Your Safety and Specifications outlines
recommended safety and maintenance guidelines
and lists the technical specifications for your Pixi
Where Can I Learn More?
While Using Your Phone
On-device Help: Read short how-tos and watch
animations on your new phone.
To view all Help: Open Help .
To view Help topics for a single application: Open the
application, open the application menu
, and tap
Online Support from Sprint: Visit to access this User Guide,
how-to videos, tutorials, and helpful support
Online support from Palm: Visit to
edit your Palm profile, watch how-to animations, learn
about transferring data, and read comprehensive
information about your phone.
WARNING: Please refer to “Regulatory and Safety
Information” on page 270 for information that
helps you safely use your phone. Failure to read
and follow the important safety information in this
guide may result in serious bodily injury, death, or
property damage.