Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

260 4A. Troubleshooting
Backing Up and Restoring Data
I Need to Reset My Phone but Don’t
Understand the Difference Between a
Partial Erase and a Full Erase
Both a partial erase and a full erase delete all personal
information, such as events, contacts, and tasks, as well
as applications you have added, such as third-party
software, on your phone. In addition, a full erase
deletes all files stored in the USB Drive of your phone,
which includes all pictures, videos, music files,
documents, PDF files, and ringtones.
For more information, see “Erase Data and Reset Your
Phone” on page 171.
How Do I Get My Data Back After a Full or
Partial Erase?
After a full or a partial erase, on your phone, enter your
existing Palm profile email address, and password—
don’t create a new one! When you do this, all data that
has been backed up to your profile—contacts, calendar
events, and tasks, as well as apps you bought through
App Catalog—is restored to your phone. Information
about your online accounts is also restored to your
phone, so those online accounts are set up again
automatically on your phone and synchronization
begins again as well.
A full erase deletes everything deleted by a partial
erase, plus everything you stored in your phone's USB
Drive (photos, videos, music, documents, PDF files,
ringtones, and so on). You need to have copies of
those files available elsewhere if you want to restore
them to your phone. For example, you can save copies
on your computer and then transfer them back to your
phone (see “Copy Files Between Your Phone and Your
Computer” on page 73).