Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

122 2F. Personal Information
Transfer contacts using the Data Transfer Assistant:
When you transfer contacts from desktop software, you
select which account to assign those contacts to. Look
for those contacts in the account you select (see “How
Do I Get Data Off My Computer?” on page 77).
Enter a contact directly in Contacts: See “Create a
Contact” on page 124 for instructions. You can assign
the contact to one of your online address books—if you
do, it synchronizes with the online address book. Or
you can create the contact in your Palm profile
account, which means it shows up on your phone only.
Palm profile contacts are included in the daily backup
of your Palm profile information, so you can restore
them if they are accidentally erased.
Download vCard info to Contacts: A vCard is an
electronic business card attached to an email or an
MMS. If you receive an email or an MMS with a vCard
attachment, download the attachment to Contacts.
vCards are in VCF format. See “Receiving vCards” on
page 135.
Linked Contacts
The Synergy feature automatically links contacts from
different accounts if it finds data in common between
them. For example, if you have a contact in Exchange
and in Google for Thomas Flagg, your phone links the
contacts so that all of Thomas’s info shows up on a
single contact screen. You need to open just one view
to see all of Thomas’s info. The actual data remains
stored separately with your different providers; it's just
assembled in one view on your phone for your
How can you tell if a contact is linked? Look in the
upper-right corner of the contact screen. If you see a
stack of photos and a number, that means that you're
looking at a linked contact, with combined info from
contacts you're storing with separate providers.