Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2E. Photos, Videos, and Music 113
Listen to Music
You can listen to music through the speaker on the
back of your phone or through a 3.5mm headset or
headphones, stereo headset equipped with Bluetooth
wireless technology, or speakers (sold separately).
To get music onto your phone, you can do any of the
Copy music files from your computer (see “Copy
Files Between Your Phone and Your Computer” on
page 73).
Receive music files as email attachments (see
“Open Attachments” on page 196).
Receive music files as part of a multimedia message
(see “Receive and View Text and Multimedia
Messages” on page 208).
Buy music from the Amazon MP3 app on your
phone (see “Amazon MP3” on page 117).
You can also listen to streaming music from the Web
directly in the Web browser (see “Web” on page 215).
You can play music that you copy from your computer
or stream from the Web in the following formats: MP3,
AAC, or AAC+. You can play music that you receive as
an email attachment if it is in the MP3, AAC, AAC+,
WAV, or AMR format. You can play music that you
receive in a multimedia message or that you buy from
Amazon MP3 if it is in the MP3 format.
1. Open Music .
2. If the Music application finds no music files on your
phone, tap one of the following:
Get My Music: Read information about how to get
music on your phone.
Amazon MP3: Open the Amazon MP3 application
to buy songs (see “Amazon MP3” on page 117).