Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

186 3B. Email and Other Messages
3B. Email and Other
Email (page 186)
Messaging (page 202)
How Do I Send and Receive Email on My
Use the Email application on your phone to access the
many email accounts you have: company (like
Exchange), ISP (like EarthLink and Comcast), and
web-based (like Gmail).
The Palm
Synergy™ feature makes it easy to
synchronize all data from an online account. By setting
up synchronization in one app, synchronization of the
other apps is automatically set up for you. For example,
if you set up your Google contacts account in Contacts
before you set up Gmail, when you first open Email,
you find that your Gmail messages are already
downloaded. And when you first open Calendar, you
find that your Google calendar events are already in
your phone’s Calendar app.
For email accounts that do not make use of the
Synergy feature, you need to enter the settings for that
account—such as username and password—directly in
the Email application (see “Set Up Email” on
page 187).
You can also use your phone’s Web browser to view
your web-based email—just go to the email provider’s
Merged Inboxes in Email
You can set up multiple email accounts on your phone.
When you open Email, you see all your accounts in a
single view: Account List view. From there, you can
open the inbox of an individual account—or, thanks to
the Palm
Synergy™ feature, you can see all messages
from all your inboxes displayed in a single merged view
All inboxes.