Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2D. Phone 95
2. Tap one of the following:
Save As New: Create a new contact for the phone
Add To Existing: Tap the contact you want to add
the phone number to.
Use a Phone Headset
You can connect a 3.5 mm headset (sold separately)
for hands-free operation.
Use a Wired Headset
Your phone works with headsets that have a 3.5mm
connector (look for three colored bands on the plug).
When in doubt, ask the third-party headset
manufacturer if the product is compatible with your
phone. If you hear a headset buzz or poor microphone
performance, your headset may be incompatible with
your phone.
1. Connect the headset. (While on a call, the
icon changes to .)
2. The headset button performs different actions
depending on the headset model and what’s
happening on the phone. Press the headset button
once to perform any of the following tasks
supported by your particular headset:
Answer an incoming call.
Respond to call waiting.
Hang up a single active call or all calls on a
conference call.
WARNING: If driving while using a phone is permitted in your
area, we recommend using a headset or
hands-free car kit (sold separately). However, be
aware that use of a headset that covers both ears
impairs your ability to hear other sounds. Use of
such a headset while operating a motor vehicle
or riding a bicycle may create a serious hazard to
you and others, and may be illegal. If you must
use a stereo headset while driving, place a
speaker in only one ear. Leave the other ear free
to hear outside noises, and use the headset only
if it is legal and you can do so safely.