Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2E. Photos, Videos, and Music 101
2E. Photos, Videos, and
Camera (page 101)
Photos (page 102)
Videos (page 108)
YouTube (page 111)
Music (page 113)
Amazon MP3 (page 117)
Take a Picture
Your phone comes with an easy-to-use, 2-megapixel
camera with an LED flash. You can use the camera to
take pictures, and then use the Photos app to view
them and send them to your friends and family (see
“Share a Picture” on page 106). To add a personal
touch to your phone, use your pictures as your
wallpaper (see “Save a Picture as Wallpaper” on
page 106) and as caller ID images (see “Add a Picture
to a Contact” on page 104).
1. Open Camera .
2. The camera is set to automatically determine if the
flash is needed. (If you want to change the flash
setting, tap to keep the flash on, and tap again
to keep the flash off.)