Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

232 4A. Troubleshooting
4A. Troubleshooting
For Users of Other Palm
Devices (page 232)
Battery (page 233)
Screen and Performance (page 242)
Phone (page 244)
Hands-Free Devices (page 246)
Synchronization (page 247)
Sending and Receiving Data in Email, Messaging, and
Web (page 251)
Email (page 252)
Messaging (page 254)
Web (page 255)
Calendar and Contacts (page 256)
Camera (page 258)
Amazon MP3 (page 258)
Transferring Information From Your Computer (page 259)
Backing Up and Restoring Data (page 260)
Updates (page 261)
Third-Party Applications (page 261)
Making Room on Your Phone (page 262)
For Users of Other Palm
I Want to Transfer My Data From My
If you previously synchronized data from a Palm
smartphone—such as contacts or calendar events—with
a desktop organizer such as Palm
Desktop by
ACCESS or Microsoft Outlook
, you can do a one-time,
one-way export of that data from the desktop organizer
to your Palm
Pixi™ phone.
Windows: You can transfer contacts, calendar events,
tasks, and memos/notes from Palm Desktop software
by ACCESS version 6.2 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or
later. If you don't have Palm Desktop version 6.2,
download it for free from
Important: If your desktop Outlook synchronizes with an
Exchange server using Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync, you cannot do a one-way export of that
Outlook data to your phone. Instead, set up your
Exchange account to synchronize with your phone
(see “How Do I Send and Receive Email on My
Phone?” on page 186).