Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

2B Move Around on Your Phone 63
Move Around
Search Within an Application
In applications such as Contacts, Memos, Doc View,
and PDF View, you can search for entries or files. From
the list view, enter the file name; a few words from a
memo; or a contact name, initials, address, or number.
See the individual application sections for details.
You can also enter a search term in the Help
application to search for help content related to the
View and Respond to Notifications
Respond to a Notification
Notifications show up at the bottom of the screen to
notify you of new voicemail and messages, upcoming
appointments, missed calls, and more.
Screen & Lock Wallpaper, Security, Desktop,
Brightness, Unlock, Gestures,
Settings, Preferences
Sounds &
Audio, Music, Volume, Vibrate,
Silent, Settings, Preferences
Tasks To Do, Todos, Checklist
Updates Settings, Preferences
Videos Movies
Web Browser, Blazer, Internet
YouTube Videos, Movies
Application Name Keywords