Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

164 2H. Preferences
2H. Preferences
Backup (page 164)
Date & Time (page 170)
Device Info (page 171)
Regional Settings (page 174)
Screen & Lock (page 175)
Sounds & Ringtones (page 178)
Back Up Your Information
A Palm profile connects your phone to Palm to get
automatic updates, back up your data, and more. You
create a Palm profile when you set up your phone.
Your phone backs up the contacts, calendar events,
tasks, and memos that are in your Palm profile account,
as well as system settings and applications you
downloaded to your phone. An automatic backup to
your Palm profile of all this information happens every
day. So if you ever need to erase the info from your
phone, you can restore all your backed-up info. You
can turn off automatic backup, and you can also
perform a manual backup.
Backup does not affect information stored in online
accounts like Google. Information stored in online
accounts is synchronized by the online provider at
regular intervals. Information stored in Outlook
Exchange is synchronized by your company's
Exchange server.