Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

38 2B Move Around on Your Phone
The forward gesture, which is a swipe from left to right
anywhere in the gesture area, allows you to move
forward through previously viewed Web pages.
Forward is available in Web only.
Drag: Drag is the gesture you make for a slow scroll up
and down a list. Slide your fingertip slowly along the
surface—no need to bear down.
One kind of drag that you’ll use a lot brings up
Launch when you’re in an application. This drag
gesture begins in the gesture area and ends on the
touchscreen. As your fingertip slowly crosses the
border between the gesture area and the touchscreen,
it seems to drag
Quick Launch into view. To open one
of the apps in
Quick Launch, move your finger to its
icon. When you see the app name appear, lift your
finger. The application opens.
You also make the drag gesture as part of a drag and
Flick: As its name tells you, this is a quick gesture, great
for scrolling long lists. Do it fast, do it lightly; as with a
swipe, your fingertip just skims the surface. The faster
you flick, the faster and farther you scroll up or down a