Palm P120EWW Cell Phone User Manual

116 2E. Photos, Videos, and Music
Search for Related Songs or Content
When you are listening to a song, you can search the
Web for related items such as songs by the same artist
or from the same album.
1. While listening to a song, open the application
2. Tap one of the Web search options (such as
YouTube), and then tap the info you want.
Change the Order of Items in the Now
Playing List
In Playlist view, tap and hold a song name. Drag the
song to move it to a new location in the list.
Remove a Song From the Now Playing List
In Playlist view, throw the song name off the side of
the screen. This does not delete the song file from
your phone.
Delete a Song
To delete a song file from your phone, you must put
your phone in USB Drive mode and delete the song
using your computer.
1. Connect your phone and your computer using the
USB cable.
2. On your phone, tap USB Drive. (If prompted, tap
OK. On your computer, your phone appears as a
removable drive.)
3. Open My Computer (Windows XP), Computer
(Windows Vista), or the
Finder (Mac), and
double-click the drive representing your phone.
4. Delete the song using your computer’s controls.
5. On a Windows computer, to end the connection
safely, right-click the drive representing your phone
and click
Eject. (On a Mac computer, drag the
drive representing your phone to the
Trash. Trash
changes to
Note: On a Windows computer, if the Found New Hardware
wizard opens, click
Cancel to close the wizard.